View of about half the garden. May 2022

The first year was a lot of work just to create a viable space we could access, let alone grow what we wanted in it. Some of the jungle of plants that were growing here we identified as edible; so we spent time carefully sorting through what plants we wanted to keep. Over the winter Dave spent time building soil, because without a vibrant healthy soil to grow in, a lot of the plants we want to grow wont thrive. We have been experimenting with what kinds of plants do well in the red silt ground here, and which plants need a nutrient rich dark soil.

Since we have such a steep hillside to grow on there is a constant battle with erosion; one of the ways we combat the sliding hillside is by wall building. Dave built a couple new retaining wall beds this year. We are currently growing mostly annual vegetables in them.

The first year Dave created 3 Tracks and 3 Slopes with the excavator. This spring he used it again to widen and flatten those areas; he also made a fourth track that leads to a walkway; he is excited to continue expanding down the hillside. Now we have a contiguous fourth slope on which to grow more trees and shrubs.

The pictures below are all Slope 2. It is the slightest slope. One of our goals this year is to do more succession planting with annual veggies and this slope is the place we are experimenting with this. This year Slope Two has produced so far: Mustard Greens, Turnips, Broccoli, Beets, Spinach, & Arugula.